Nikolas and Company...
By Kevin_McGill
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****Featured on Wattpad and @Fantasy *** A horde of dark creatures chase a mermaid and her husband to their underwater fortress. Only fourteen-year-old Nikolas and his friends can save them. Happy to escape an apocalyptic future with its refugee camps and nannydrones, Nick convinces his friends to make the journey through time to save the Merfolk. However, on arrival Nikolas begins to suspect the Merfolk are hiding something...sinister. Nikolas wants his friends to have a better life, but he may have led them into even greater peril. And it will be all his fault. Nikolas and Company: The Merman and The Moon Forgotten, follows Nick's boisterous and heart-felt journey as he seeks to save the Merfolk and his friends from the creature most foul. If "The Doctor" took the kids from "Stranger Things" on an adventure to a fantastic version of the moon, you'd get Nikolas and Company. Pure awesome in a cup. With some waffles. Which would make it a waffle load. - Austin 14 "As an adult, I love this series, the characters, the plot twists. I haven't enjoyed a fantasy series this much since I read Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter. I've already added you my list of favorite authors." - Reehya Bagwandin "As a constant video/computer gamer, it is phenomenal to see my eleven-year-old immersed in these books. He loves this series so much that he's been sharing his books with other boys in his class and asked the school librarian to carry it." - Gemmavive


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Nikolas a...
by Kevin_McGill