Crossing Court
By wheadee
  • Adventure
  • adventure
  • civil
  • delinquent
  • enemies
  • feud
  • hatred
  • history
  • misfit
  • north
  • outsider
  • prejudice
  • revenge
  • rivalry
  • rivals
  • segregation
  • sides
  • social-classes
  • south
  • tracks
  • train
  • underdog


In Stone Harbor, there's the north side, and then there's the south side. Everyone knows there's always been a boundary - until now Constant fights with the north siders at school keeps south sider Ronan Murphy either in detention or suspended, while regularly coming home with the law keeps his parents forever disappointed. Tired of being the troublesome son, Ronan's finally trying to get his act together, but when he loses his job because of obnoxious north sider and classmate Court McConnell, Ronan decides enough is enough. Giana Humphries, born and bred on the north side, is known for being pretty, popular, and seemingly "perfect." Being the daughter of a north and south sider, she aims to prove there's a way to be neutral. But when the north side's pressure to be perfect leads to her being publicly dumped by Court because of her south side connection, she's not so sure neutrality is all it's cracked up to be, and she too wants payback. With nothing in common except a shared enemy, Ronan and Giana team up for revenge and their worlds collide, challenging the social order of Stone Harbor forever.


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by wheadee