The Mark of Love &a...
By Misguided
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Two years have passed since The Decision. Two years was all it took for everything to change. Fallen Angels and Demon's roam the Earth as if it were nothing. Angels and Guard's protect humans, not secretly, but in the naked eye where they can watch them and interact with them. Two things that should never have happened. Two things that were 'once upon a time' against the Angelic Law. Alexis has been battling her way around, waiting to finally get through to the Angelic World to find her love, her rock, Gabriel. As the years went on, hope had started to diminish along with her will to trust. Time had become nothing but an object; life had become a blur. But after a visit from an old 'friend' explaining how there was a loop hole in getting into the Angelic World, Alexis finally had a spark of hope inside her... on the other hand she wasn't expecting the man guiding her to Gabriel to be one that had abandoned her in her time of need. The journey she thought would be easy turned into a journey of discovery, ill-fated feelings, war, loss... and a fight for love. In more ways than one... ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ *Sequel to Mark of a Fallen Angel

The Mark of Love & War.

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The Mark...
by Misguided