My Possessive, Sex...
By JessieSurf
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Warning ⚠: Contains sexual scenes! Hey I'm Jo lake, I'm 22 years old. I have a average two bedroom house that I live in, in a place called kispley. I've had quite a rough history with guys however not able to get a sensible good looking guy without something going wrong. The only guys I attract is hot Badboys who have no idea how to have a family. I've only had around 5 long relationships mainly for a year or so. 3 of which were okay however the other two not do good. My ex-boyfriend Blake was a very, very big rebel. He's been to prison quite a few times most of which he's killed people. Then there's my other ex- boyfriend Ryder a lot like Blake in that way however Ryder acctually kills people for a living! I swore never to see, talk or even have any association with them again.....Until they both some how weaved themselves into my life and me having no choose but to have contact to them......

Chapter 1

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My Posses...
by JessieSurf