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You had to flee... Flee away from your homeland, Morrowind. And out of all the places you could've ended up... You ended up in Skyrim... A war torn province. Not like Morrowind was any better, it was actually probably worse, but no one could learn that you used to be the princess of Morrowind, and that you still are. You had to disguise yourself with deep black robes, with tough armor underneath. You wore a mask under the hood you wore just to be safe. Many thought you were a man, so you just rolled with it, and kept walking... On the trip you met a woman named Millah, a fellow dark elf fugitive. She ended up earning your trust, and learning your secret. You two kept walking and ended up in a town called Whiterun, and it was there when your life changed, for better, or for worse, you find out... ~~~ART IS NOT MINE AND BELONGS TO ITS BEAUTIFUL, TALENTED, RIGHTFUL OWNER!!! IF YOU ARE THE OWNER OF ANY ART THAT IS USED PLEASE JUST COMMENT IF YOU WANT IT TAKEN DOWN! I DO NOT MEAN TO OFFEND ANYONE!!! THANK YOU~~~ Art-

Short on Gold

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Vilkas X...
by memeslovepoptarts