Can't Fight This Fe...
By OverTheKlainebow
  • Teen Fiction
  • emmy
  • friendship
  • hate
  • love
  • melissa
  • music


Emmy's world collapses when she is forced to move schools, as her father receives a new job. Thrown into a world far away from her familiar surroundings, with none of her dear friends to support her Emmy struggles to live with her new life. The interference of a weird set of friends makes her life a bit more brighter. The annoying Indigo, who prefered to be called as Matt, the ice queen Bethany, kind Mellisa, and cute Nathan were some of the many people she encouters in the first few days of her new life. The friendship with a gay boy by the name Oliver, begins the series of events of which Emmy was absolutely clueless. Unprepared for what was about to come, what does Emmy do when she finds about the hidden feelings in her heart? Will she be able to enjoy the love or pay a draedful price for her innocence?

Can't Fight This Feeling.

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Can't Fig...
by OverTheKlainebow