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By unbrokenworld
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"The world is not what you think..." Section 147 is a place no one is ever meant to escape. Remote and isolated. Cut off from the rest of humanity. Guarded day and night by uniformed Soldiers and surrounded by massive walls of stone. To the people who call it home, this is how things have always been. For them, no other way of life exists. Among its citizens are four teenagers, each facing different trials and challenges and largely unaware of each other’s existence. Until a series of seemingly random events suddenly changes everything. Jay, angry and rebellious, makes an unusual discovery that confuses her as much as it intrigues her. Rain, shy and reclusive, uncovers a secret that could tear apart what's left of his family. Orca, pretty and popular, exposes a lie that brings her perfect world crashing down around her feet. And Griffin, never quite able to accept his confined existence, encounters a mysterious woman carrying a sword of pure, glimmering black, leaving him baffled, amazed and asking questions no one seems willing to answer. As stories intertwine and destinies collide, Jay, Rain, Orca and Griffin come to realize that there is far more to life than what they have been told. That there is a world beyond the one they have always known. A world none of them could have ever imagined...


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