Daisy May (2)
By Fight4ThisA
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In the world of lycans, it's completely impossible for a female to shift into a wolf. Women were looked upon as mates to werewolves, never as an equal. But on a night of the full moon, a girl of eighteen shifts into a wolf. With no explanation, no justification. She might be the only of her kind. However, her secret can't be unleashed, because what would happen to the only girl in the entire world that could shift? She would be mated to highest ranked, she would be treated like a prize. But Daisy May isn't an object. Her secret has to be kept. But how will that go when she's the daughter of the most famous Alpha and Luna? When she's the most beautiful girl they will ever lay eyes on? *** EXCLAIMER: This is the second book of the series, the first book is called 'Alpha of the North', which is definitely worth reading before you read this one. It's in my profile so just go ahead and check there. Plus: You might have to follow me (I'm not sure) to read this book. It will contain heavy contents of VIOLENCE and SEXUAL THEMES, just pointing that out because I don't want to disturb any of you. Thank you for reading! *** Book 2. Completed ***


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Daisy May...
by Fight4ThisA