The Ignatius Corps
By Christina1A1W
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All Rights Reserved © [girlxgirl] x.x 'Zoe Farron. You're not what I expected,' she said, giving Alex's hand a surprisingly gentle squeeze. 'You don't look much like your father.' 'A blessing I took after my mother,' Alex replied, feeling a genuine smile brighten her face. x.x 'You're sacrificing an entire crew for the sake of one woman!' Rho exclaimed, tightening her hold on him. 'Think this through, Versai. They could've made her talk or she could've -' x.x '...Your daughter is on an island surrounded by cadets who'd sooner see her speared through than walk amongst them as an equal.' General Godfrey turned and started walking away, his footsteps echoing in The Pit. 'Who knows what will happen to her ...' x.x Alexandra Reyes is trying to prove she is nothing like her father. Life-threatening enemies she can handle, but what about friendships and brewing romance? Claire Belgarde is everything Alex is not, a prodigy with a bright future in the Ignatius Corps. So why is she helping Alex? It turns out learning to ride dragons and harness her chii (internal magic) is easier said than done... Versai Gaelstrom: one of the Skaii Garde leaders rebelling against the Wing Elite. Will love for his imprisoned wife cloud his judgement and put his forces at risk? Unexpected allies rise from the shadows, bringing Versai's goals within reach. But at what price? Dianna Gaelstrom is locked away in Shoehl's most guarded city. Fearing for her husband's life and her daughter's, she treads a fine line between bending to the Wing Elite's will and keeping to her morals. What will she do when the Wing Elite's dark plans reach her cell and her daughter's life hangs in the balance? Turn the page and find out! The Ignatius Corps has 3 plots interwoven, following characters struggling through the brewing war between the Wing Elite and the Skaii Garde Rebellion. DISCLAIMER: I do not own images used in the cover & accompanying each chapter. (images found via Google).

Chapter 1

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The Ignat...
by Christina1A1W