Vanished History
By MirrorLiving
  • Historical Fiction
  • dimensions
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It's all lead to this. The truth is I don't even know what this is. Everything isn't what it was and everything that was has disappeared. Well not exactly. It's more well.....rearranged in a way that it shouldn't be. Yes it absolutely should not have been rearranged in the way that it has. I might be the only one that knows the truth, but it doesn't matter. Not if I can't prove it. Where did the artist disappear to? Where are the innocent stories which captivated our hearts? The magic? Where did the magic go? No. I don't mean the magic that uses spells I mean the real magic. The type of heart grown mind blown type. The projext continue and I'm looking backwards to find some shred of evidence to prove my own sanity going forwards. But the changes continue. Because of this I don't know what else to do, but reach out for help. That's why I'm reaching out you!

Eternal Projext

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by MirrorLiving