the storm before th...
By youmeandem
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Aliens have landed on Earth, and their intention to wipe out humanity is, unfortunately, going really well. So far, the first four steps of their plan have been executed: the first wave took out all electronics, causing half a million deaths through car and plane crashes alone. The second wave took out another three billion people with an enormous, well, wave, that hit the world's coastlines. In the third wave, 97% of the survivors were killed by a deadly virus. In the fourth wave, it became clear that, sometimes, humans are actually controlled by aliens that will shoot you at first sight. The result? No one can be trusted, and the only thing those who are still fighting for survival can do is wait for the fifth wave to hit. or; the one where camila and lauren try to survive an apocalypse

the storm before the calm

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the storm...
by youmeandem