Royal Betrayal
By blackdiamond190
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#2 watty16 9/09/2018 #1 triangle 15/09/2018 #4 historical fiction 23/09/18 #12 arrangement 23/12/18* He stood slowly then walked towards her , Josoline's breath hitched. He needed to kiss her, to touch her. Forget Ethan and his boyish ways and forget mother because he wanted her in all the wrong ways. " Why are you approaching me so slowly ?"She asked nervously looking away from him shyly. Her lips got dry all of a sudden, She licked them . His eyes followed her tongue, from the day he had seen her in the stables he had wanted to do nothing but kiss those desirable lips. "Because if I ran to you, I'm afraid that would scare you away " said Leo with a smirk. Josoline stood still as he confined her, His hand held the nap of her hair. She wanted this she only imagine his lips on hers but now he held her. From that first meet he had teased her but after that he was a consummated gentleman but what had change tonight what was he thinking now that she was well and ready to end the secret rendezvous . **************** What do you do when your the only hope of helping your family out one of the biggest scandal of the season. Well Josoline Prescott has just found herself in her second season since she had went rogue on the first. On her return her father greets her with some shocking news. Now in the midst of it all she finds herself in a ball gown surrounded by debutants ,royalty and many more titled pupils. How will this free spirited ambitious young woman find away out of love, betrayal, romance, royalty and rivals when her only challenge is to come out on top for the sake of her family .. Will she choose reputation over love???? #WATTY2016 ⇥AHuBVgDD⇤ ************* "


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Royal Bet...
by blackdiamond190