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Pierre Lois is the priest's son. He is well-educated, smart, polite, and he's always available to help those in need. The term 'angel' is generally used to describe him. He goes to do benevolent each Saturday and on Sundays, he is in the first row in the church. His parents are extremely proud of him, especially his dad. According to many people, he has a bright future waiting for him and that is becoming a priest just like his dad. Declan White is another story. He is known as the gay kid of town and everybody literally hates him because of this. Though, the hate didn't bother him that much. He says and does whatever he wants and the only person that matters to him in that town full of homophobic is that one boy who succeeded to steal his heart at the very first sight; Pierre Lois of course. Though, things are not always easy when you fall in love with a boy who is, according to many, too 'angelic' for you. [ Cover made by @khmbrleya ]


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