Runaways Seventeen...
By l00-05-18l
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The seventeen boys are all runaways from either their poor family life or their foster homes. They're all broken in some way, looking for people to just care for them, and that's what they find when they all meet each other. Seungcheol gathered up the twelve boys he found that were runaways and they all live in a house on the outskirts of Seoul. They all go to school, but their dark pasts soon come back to haunt them. WARNING: Before reading I want everyone to understand that this fan fiction is mature for a reason! This fan fiction might talk about things you are uncomfortable with reading so if you decide to read this, be prepared for what you're getting yourself into reading because there are mature scenes. Other then that I hope you enjoy it. (This fan fiction was the fan fiction that I was talking about that is kind of like my EXO family fan fiction except in this one, none of them are the parents. They all just live together and they all have their own individual backstories and drama.)


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by l00-05-18l