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Have you ever met someone you automatically felt a deep connection too? The second you laid your eyes on them you just knew you had to meet them...have them? And when you do...you just CAN'T get enough of them? You crave their scent, their touch, their body...them. Their smile brightens your day, their voice sends shivers down your spine and when they want something, their wish is your command! You are ultimately and utterly WHIPPED! I'm not afraid to admit it. I never thought I would meet someone who I felt strongly about physically and emotionally. It just happened. It was instant when I saw her and I had to make her mine. It didn't matter that she wouldn't be interested in me since she had a boyfriend. I was going to do everything in my power to make her mine...I had too! I was incomplete without her...I couldn't breath without her...I was NOTHING WITHOUT HER! *I kept my distance from her. I always did when she took her morning run, just running a few yards away from her so she wouldn't see me. She looked beautiful as always, her long black hair swaying back and forth, her amazing body gleaming with sweat...I could lick her body from head to toe. She stopped to drink her water and stretch, other guys running turned to stare at her, lust clear in their faces. If I could I would beat the crap out of them for looking at what was mine...but she isn't, YET!* Colin Kaepernick meets Lola Cruz at the club she works at. Immediately he starts feeling some type of way for her but is rejected since she has a boyfriend. That won't deter him from wanting her or making her his. He's never been rejected and it won't start now...not by her anyways! "Oh Lola, one way or the other you will be my girl. You will see that I'm the only man that can make you happy...ONLY ME! I know if you gave me a chance you'll want me as much as I want you...you'll feen for me as much as I'm FEENIN' for you! It won't be long baby girl!" My thoughts continued as I watch her take off again...

Chapter 1: Tongue Tied...

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by Nenerh1