The Arena (Prequel...
By benkane1
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Hello, esteemed readers and fellow Wattpadders! This short story can be read on its own, or as a prequel to my new novel, Hunting The Eagles, which is published by Penguin Random House this March ( It features one of the main characters from this book, and the previous one, Eagles at War. Both are set in Germany during the years AD 9-15. Eagles at War related the tale of the real life ambush by German warriors on a Roman army. Three legions were wiped out, a general killed, and three prestigious eagles taken by the enemy. Hunting the Eagles continues the story of the characters in the first book. THIS story is a fun prelude to the new book. I hope you enjoy it! The Arena: A day out with comrades, brutal gladiator fights, a bet with disastrous consequences. A Roman soldier's much anticipated payday plays out in very different ways to those he expected. The German frontier, AD 12. Legionary Marcus Piso is set to enjoy a four monthly payday with his comrades. Wine, food and gladiatorial entertainment are on offer, and his purse is full. But thanks to a dishonest bet maker, events take on a very dangerous life of their own...


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The Arena...
by benkane1