The Bad Boy's My Ro...
By OfficiallyLaken
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I stepped out the bathroom in nothing but a t-shirt when I ran into someone. I didn't even check to see who it was as I let out a scream. "What are you doing here?" he asked. "What am I doing here? Why are you in my house?" "This is my house," he said. "No, it's not," I said, "Mr. Martin's letting me stay here." "Well, Mrs. Martin has been letting me stay here for a week now," he said. I saw his eyes wander down towards the floor and he didn't try to hide the fact that he was checking me out. His eyes stopped at the end of the shirt which only came d own to about mid-thigh. "Eyes are up here!" I said. ~*~Katherine (Kat) Roberts was tired of being bounced around in foster care so she took a leap of faith and got emancipated. Now, there's one problem she has no where to go. So when she talks to the man who saved her from her abusive childhood, Paul Martin, he offers a places to stay in his old family apartment not knowing that his wife had already rented it out to another emancipated person, who happens to be the bad boy of Kat's high school. Will these two be able to live together? Will Kat be able to put up with Ricky's lifestyle as a bad boy? Will she be able to resist his charm long enough to get her own place? First story so excuse any mistakes. Currently having things edited.


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The Bad B...
by OfficiallyLaken