The Genie's Possess...
By strawberry9090
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"Don't you know me Nora," the strange man leered. Even though my heart was pounding uncontrollably, I refused to show fear. "If you come near me, I will call the police. I have 911 on speed dial," I threatened. He just laughed and took another step closer to me. "Oh, Nora, you think you can do that," he purred. In a flash he slammed me into the wall and leaned in very close. "There is no escape," he whispered. Nora just wanted to be left alone. But of course wishes like that never stay true for too long. When Nora stumbles upon a strange shoppe, she also accidentally captures the eye of an ancient genie who wants her as his mate. They say genies are supposed to be kind gentle creatures who grant wishes. However, soon Nora will not only discover the nature of a genie but also the true story of Scheherazade and how she is connected to the legendary queen.

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The Genie...
by strawberry9090