Tales from The Cast...
By RenaFreefall
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Short stories that follow the lives of the characters from The Rose Quartet Series. (Warning - contains spoilers - suggested read related novels first) The most common setting in The Rose Quartet Series is Rose Castle - home of The Beast. These stories are short one-offs without any particular order. (I will of course explain when and where they sit in Quartet timelines) It will contain day-to-day scenes with the characters we've already met. Deleted scene that didn't make it into the final books. And, if you readers are interested, you have the chance to suggest scenes and situations you would like to see with characters and, assuming they take my interest, I will write them. Key: BATB - Beauty and The Beast SB - Sleeping Beauty FP - The Frog Prince LRRH - Little Red Riding Hood The Rose Quartet: Beauty and The Beast: http://w.tt/1wczujq Sleeping Beauty: http://w.tt/1Bi4TJC The Frog Prince: http://w.tt/1KphNHL Little Red Riding Hood: http://w.tt/1PBaNbs

The Blue Rose (BATB)

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Tales fro...
by RenaFreefall