Werewolves? Royalty?
By xMalloryx3
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I am scared. I am sad. I am angry. I am terrified. I am...running for my life. My name is Avery Duncan and I, along with my brother Landon, am being chased by these wolf-like creatures. How did this happen you ask? Well read and find out. When Avery and her twin brother Landon come home to discover their mother missing one night, the comfortable lives they once lead careen into chaos at a moment's notice. With nothing else but a mysterious note left behind as their guide to their mother's whereabouts, both are forced into a journey that will uncover far more than they bargained for. When both unearth the truth behind their identities as werewolves, the mystery surrounding their mother's disappearance and the hidden secrets of their past thickens. Will the twins be reunited with their mother? Can they outrun the new pack of wolves pursuing them throughout their search for her? Will they fully uncover their past to prepare what the future holds for them? Or will they will fall short of the truth?

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by xMalloryx3