Color Blind
By KalilahCoulter
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Scott Masterson and Rica Daniels have been linked since birth. Tragically, Rica was assaulted by a group of boys as a young girl, and wants absolutely nothing to do with Scott. The fact that he's white, like the boys who attacked her, does not help. Scott has such a huge crush on Rica that he still continues to do everything in his power to get her to accept him into her life. As fate would have it, Scott is slowly able to gain Rica's trust by helping her through a series of traumatic events. Unfortunately, this may not be enough for Rica to overcome her painful past. Will she ever be able to love Scott the way that he has always loved her? Or will she continue to hold Scott accountable for the pain inflicted on her by others years ago? Will she ever be able to look at Scott in the same light that he has always seen her, without bias, and essentially become... Color Blind? Copyright@2004


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Color Bli...
by KalilahCoulter