Holding On
By staystrong014
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Lauren thought she lived a simple life but everything changed when she receives a phone call telling her that her parents are dead. How can someone live knowing that there is no one looking out for them? How can someone be so brave and strong when their world is being destroyed right in front of their eyes? No one can answer that, no one understands, so all we can do is hold on. Hold on for the moments that take our breathe away, hold on for the people we are going to meet, an hold on for the love and adventure that waits for us. A certain boy catches Lauren's eye, Hunter Pierce: the school fuckboy, popular kid, and soccer jock. One adventure leads to another with Hunter and now he has a new girl to be his sidekick or should he say side hoe. One chance to make a change, one chance to change, we're all just holding on. STORY IS COMPLETED.

Chapter 1

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Holding On
by staystrong014