Her Mission: Tony S...
By ImKianaEveryone
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So this was a request from a friend, but I got so into it, it went on and on. Anyway, this is the plot. After losing her parents in the NYC invasion, and struggling to keep her brother's life happy, plus dealing with her anxiety, (Y/n) works at the library with her bestfriend. She has a low income but she manages it to satisfy her brother's wishes even if it means to take it from her own pocket. What happens when a certain hero saves her brother, who is I might add his biggest fan? What happens when he falls for her? What happens when HYDRA kidnaps her to get to Tony, TWICE? A bunch of 'what happens', but the important one is: What happens when he becomes her mission? *Also there is some buckynat in there, because why not?* Updates are regular-ish. Cap would say, LANGUAGE, a couple of times if he reads my story. I hope you enjoy and please vote and comment what you think. -Kiana ?

How delighful

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Her Missi...
by ImKianaEveryone