Too Fat Too Insecur...
By Chyica
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(Book 2 of the Blackwell Series. You don't have to read the first to understand this one. Call it a sequel if you like?) Emerald is tired of changing school. She is tired of being insecure. She is ready to have friends. But an ugly scar and baby fat that has refused to leave is an obstacle. Changing to a new school and meeting her nemesis again after all this time has got to be Fate's worst joke on her. But maybe it isn't fate playing with her. Lucas hates Emerald. Why? He has no idea. But sitting beside this girl who he hated and called a fat ugly girl since elementary might open his eyes to things he didn't know were actually real in life, feelings he didn't know existed, feelings he didn't know he had. Jake is an emo guy who thinks Emerald has to be the sweetest girl he has ever met, and likes her. Catching feelings for your bestie isn't part of the deal right? But he can't help it, even though he knows he has no chance with her...or maybe he just doesn't see the chance he might have with her. Follow their story and know how this love triangle will turn out. #Highest ranking #601 in Romance ☺☺

Chapter 1

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Too Fat T...
by Chyica