His Little Slave
By music_is_lovee
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My mom and I got into a fight and I took off down the street... would I regret that decision? Running down the road I heard a car in back of me and I slowed down thinking it was my mother I looked behind me and two very tall men stepped out of the black van I started running down the street when I felt a body push me down on the ground, I start blacking out when somebody suddenly hits me in the face and pulls me to the car. He motions for the other guy to come and when he gets over to where we are they both pick me up so I am on my feet. I look up glaring at them and they look down on me like I'm an elf "Get in the car" one of the tall men yelled "W-why?" I whisper yelled Suddenly one of the guys grabs me by my hair and pushes me in the car it's no use I'm out of luck.


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His Littl...
by music_is_lovee