Possessive Mate: BW...
By XxCalelexX
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Jade Sparks has wanted nothing more than to claim her position as the Alpha Female, and run Yellowstone Pack. She enjoys having girl's nights out with her friends, travelling, and trying new things. But what happens when Jade finds her mate that she never wanted? And what happens when her said mate is the most feared Alpha in North America? °°° Samantha Summers is Jade's best friend. When Jade found her mate, she told Sam, but never told her who. She was disappointed, but respected her bestfriend's decision. Bit what she didn't expect was to find out that Jade was mated to the most ruthless Alpha in the country. "Get away from my best friend, you dickhead!" Samantha screams as she runs at him. One of Colten's pack warriors knock her out before she gets close enough to attack Colten. By the time Sam wakes up in yje hospital, Jade was gone. °°° Colten Haynes has never wanted as much as finding his mate. The first time he found Jade was in the grocery store at Giant's. Jade successfully managed to escape Colten's clutches. The second time he saw her was when he went over to Yellowstone Pack to sign a treaty. When he finds out that Jade is the future Alpha Female of that pack, he takes advantage of the situation: in order for Colten to sign the treaty, he wants Jade in return. °°° Can Jade accept that everyone needs a mate? Can she forgive Colten although they started off on bad terms? Will she ignore Colten's brutal reputation? Find out in 'Possessive Mate,' written by Liyah Brown, known as 'XxCalelexX' on Wattpad. °°° 1.) Thanks for making it this far. If you decide to read my book, then thank you very much. 2.) This book is undergoing editing. It's cringey and the plot has so many holes, so read at your own risk. 3.) This story is entirely fictional. Any references to pleople dead or alive is coincidental. And don't steal my idea. 4.) Please remember this book has Mature Themes. ••• Don't forget to show support by Voting, Commenting

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