The Tricksters Way...
By JamieTully
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In a world where at the age of 10, children are taken to Power Hall to be tested on whether they have Mana. There are 15 known powers: Strength, Speed, Stealth (Darkness), Combat, Marksman, Weapons, Alchemists (Nature), Fire, Earth, Water, Air, Light, Time, Space, Death. But there is the Forgotten Power, The one rarely seen, Chaos, they who possess this power are known as the Tricksters. Thought to be a myth, it was rumoured that they were either the strongest or the weakest of all powers. The tricksters were feared and loved as they are erratic by nature. They could be kind one minute and cruel the next. It was said that they have the power to either save the world or destroy it. This is the story of a young boy growing from the slums of Golden City to the high heavens and beyond. That boy was named Lux Tenebra. Created 31/12/2015 - XX/XX/XXXX Please vote if you like the Chapters. (book cover is a free picture with edited filters added - i did not design it, only edited it. Source: THIS BOOK WILL BE POSTED ON ROYALROADL.COM, This is just for verification purposes. The Tricksters Way was Number #17 in fantasy on (16/12/16) P.S this book is written on a Mobile Phone so if there is any spelling / Grammar mistakes just comment and it will be fixed.

Chapter 1 - The Journey Begins

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The Trick...
by JamieTully