Blood And Carnage [...
By braveprinxess
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[Used to be "This Ain't A Fairytale"] [Daryl Dixon] Survivor. That's what you were if you were still alive; a survivor. When the disease hit Atlanta is vastly spread throughout the city and before anyone could react it had battled its way through America. People fought, they tried building walls, making safe centres but nothing could hide them from the disease. It wasn't so much the disease itself that was horrifying, it was the people who had it; the dead ones. It should have been impossible to still be alive when you're dead but it wasn't. Instead those who were bitten would turn into a rabid infectious creature and infect others with a bite. Andi Wilde had been a survivor, though she wasn't sure why - hell, she relied on her group way too much. But after six months worth of running they finally decide to try and get somewhere worth the travel: CDC Atlanta. She didn't expect to meet anyone that could become vital parts of her life like the man in the sheriffs hat with the child that clung to his leg, nor the Korean kid whom still smiled despite the nastiness of the world. Or the older jackass redneck she couldn't seem to stay away from.

0.00; prologue

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Blood And...
by braveprinxess