Reylo~Broken Souls...
By leapinggrace
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Han wasn't the only person Leia asked to help bring her son home. She went in secret to Rey, who had already once bested Kylo. Rey agreed to help the woman, and thus, in a snow-covered forest, allows Kylo Ren to gain her trust. Kylo was also given an order. Snoke told him he must kill Rey, but somehow, he found himself incapable. Imagine a world in which Rey had agreed to Kylo Ren's offer to help train her. Imagine a world in which somehow two souls meet and discover that while on opposing sides of a never ending war, they aren't exactly different. Light and dark fills them both. DISCLAIMER: I am assuming that Kylo and Rey are not related at all. :) REVIEWS: "This is so well written. With no mistakes! I would love an update ASAP because I am obsessed with this story!" - @Destined_By_Fate "Omg what is life after this. I can't wait for more!" - @chicalakika "Feedback? Feedback is that I want to be you! I love this story! And also, I love how you dig deep into why Kylo actually wears the mask! Brilliant!!!" - @storysouls "mmmmmm..... Sexual tension. I like." - @confusedfangirl_ "Never. Stop. Writing. This." - @Touka275 "THIS WAS JUST TOO GOOD. MY HEART IS CRYING!!!" - @reyloshipper

1. Crimson Finds Cyan

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