I want to tell you...
By tsunderedevil
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Killua is very hard to be honest even to himself.He has a huge crush on his childhood friend,Gon.Gon confess his love to killua on the last day of school but killua end up running away.The next day, killua found out that Gon have to moved to new school since Mito-san get a new job at yorknew city.Killua end up regret that he didn't tell Gon about his true feeling.2 years later,Gon moved into the same school school as him again but after 2 years apart without any contact, killua found out that Gon already has someone else in his mind. Who that person actually is? How can killua wins Gon's heart back? Credit go for my twin, @ohmygon for this amazing cover

Chapter 1: This is Goodbye...

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I want to...
by tsunderedevil