Save Me [complete]...
By Infiressi
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Kwon Hyorin is living the good life. She's newly graduated from university, has caring parents, and a loving boyfriend. She has anything she could ever want and more - or at least, that's what she thought. When her friend coerces her into coming to Seoul for a night, she is faced with a situation she never thought she would have to deal with in her life. In a confused rage, she leaves everything behind, wandering off into the unfamiliar city in the dark of night. She soon finds herself lost - that is, until she stumbles across a stranger with blonde hair. From then on, Hyorin's world changes. Her parents put reputation before her, and she loses touch with her old life. Everything she thought she knew crumbles around her, and the only person she has to lean on is the stranger that saved her that night. _________ Published: 1 January, 2016 Completed: 8 April, 2016

Chapter One

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Save Me [...
by Infiressi