Loving The Bad Boy...
By unkn0wnx3
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(SEQUEL TO THE BAD BOY NEXT DOOR) Adrian Grant was the bad boy next girl and Kylie Luca was the girl who changed him. Together they went through the impossible to finally be happy. They revealed the secrets and fought the past...too bad they didn't realize the past never dies. It's a new year and they both hoped they could finally be happy and live a normal life...but little did they know it was impossible.Adrian started to feel that he was being watched, he couldn't trust anyone...especially the 2 new boys that came into town. An old friend of Kylie's thats a threat to their relationship and a new one that has a lot of secrets. Little does Kylie know that one of these boys are very dangerous, and are willing to lose everything for revenge. While Kylie's getting closer to them Adrian's trying to prove who they really are. Keeping Kylie safe and revealing the boys intentions brings back the dangerous bad boy who would do anything for the one he loves... {Sorry this description sucksss, probably changing thiss but check it out!}

Chapter 1

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Loving Th...
by unkn0wnx3