Melting The Heart o...
By sweetdaniella1421
  • Romance
  • beauty
  • decision
  • friendship
  • gắng
  • innocence
  • kindness
  • love
  • pain
  • rescue
  • tears
  • teased
  • trust


"No!! Please don't. I can't take this anymore.You are so hungry!...Just Stop!!!" An innocent woman who had been kidnapped by some gangsters from the "Pay-Back Gang" faced deep emotional issues They murdered her husband and burnt down the house because they claimed that he had lost in a bet between them and refused to pay the money in full cash within a certain time. They took the woman to where the gang members lived and ill-treated and violated her there. In about a week or more,a certain member entered her room and he caught her writing in her diary. He took it from her and she begged to give it back but he refused. Later,while he was getting ready for bed, he decided to read it when he found out that he had met this girl before and she had saved his life in his earlier childhood. His bitter heart immeadiately melted and he tried to rescue her out of the hands off the gang. It was very difficult,considering he was the GANG LEADER's SON.

Chapter 1 - The Invaders

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Melting T...
by sweetdaniella1421