shadow of the past...
By kemorgan65
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A Paranormal SCI-FI Mystery-Romance Fantasy Thriller rooted in our time and space! ∞ ∞ ∞ ONE is lost with NO memory--and is found by Danny. TWO is lost with THE memory--and finds a life of crime. THREE sees them both--and makes the choice. ∞ It was a different Earth, a different age. Mankind was the Ark for the lost animal kingdom. But that world died and three survivors land on our Earth, in our age. They are aliens on American soil--but are they a threat to National Security? The government sends its Black Ops task force to capture them--dead or alive. What will Danny, an all-American guy do when a mysterious girl turns his heart and life upside down? Will he be prepared when the Shadow of her past comes face to face with the light of his future? "This epic tale not only spans the far reaches of time but burrows deep inside all of us, exposing the love and pain behind the choices that lay out the destiny we share." (@TimothyMarsh) *Covers Parts 1&2 of the Trilogy.* DID YOU KNOW? "Every man's life is a fairy tale... written by God's fingers." (H.C. Andersen) REVIEWS: @FarFlungDreams: "A true Sci-fi gem. Going on my reading list for sure! This is some scintillating sci-fi..." @Sceritz: "Great, natural, easy to read narrative voice... Very nice read." @CatharticNonsense: "I normally stay away from fantasy/sci-fi, but you have me hooked! The fact that the story dips into different intriguing..." • TRAILER: - featured in WATCH my TRAILER • Highest rank #45 in Sci-Fi! 23/June/2017 • FIRST PLACE SCI-FI in the Mist Awards & Wolder Awards 2017 • TOP-10 FINALIST in Pursuit of Excellence Awards: March 2017 • Featured in SHEPHERD'S PICKS: ******** NOTICE: This story contains: • Mild cursing. • Occasional *near* mature scenes [PG-15] from Cha.29 onwards (notice is given at top of chapter). © 1989/2016-2017 by Annika Lewinson-Morg

∞ To You, my dear reader ∞

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shadow of...
by kemorgan65