Annie: A Fictional...
By SpencerN1
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It was the first day of school. The students waited at their desks. I didn't know any of them. It was too much new information, so my imagination rendered their faces alike. I sat in the far right row of the classroom. The seats in front and behind me were empty; they signified my newness, my alienation. The English classroom atmosphere already teemed with ill-advised judgments, and our teacher, twice as wide as he was tall, teetered uneasily at his desk. In the silence, he dabbed sweat from his brow, then returned his newly moistened handkerchief to his back pocket. Finally, the late bell rang. It was one of those pre-recorded trumpet blurts that go on twice as long they need to, leaving you feeling a little dazed. At the end of the tone, she opened the classroom door for the first time. She was dwarfed by the door frame. At five feet in heels, she was among the shortest girls I'd ever seen. She wore her hair stark, dark, and critically brown with alarmingly blonde highlights, which streaked straight, straight, straight down her shoulders and breasts and framed her soft face, which was distinct: her eyes and lips and cheeks and chin and mouth all threatened to explode out of her skull as if she were some exaggerated cartoon character brought vividly to life. And all of it shined with that special teen-aged grease... And yet--I didn't find her unattractive. Rather, she was one of those girls who owns her own brand of beauty. One of those girls with a fan club. A reputation. A history. I saw all of this in an instant. She looked so distinct and outrageously conceived that I thought, "There must be something wrong with her." After all, tragedy loves a beauty, and she looked like an American Girl doll in her baby blue plaid dress and shiny plastic blue heels. Atop her head, she even donned a matching shiny blue headband. Her short, slightly thick fingers ended in a row of nails checkered B&W. That's how she came into my life: a doll in a blue plaid dress...


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Annie: A...
by SpencerN1