The Girl: A Novel
By SpencerN1
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The #1 Autobiography on Wattpad. A 2017 Watty's Shortlist Winner. A Wattpad Featured Novelist. Featured by The Literary Fiction Network. You know this story. The ordinary boy meets the ordinary girl. They fall in love as the ordinary do. They drift along for a while. They go to school. They play. They dance. They kiss. They lie together. They make love. It's not perfect. But some days it's nice. One day, against any real likelihood, something changes. Reality intervenes. Life happens. And that's when everything falls apart. Praise for Spencer Ryan's THE GIRL: "Please never stop writing. You have gold here. You literally hit gold with this book." "this is the best story i've read on wattpad. no. this is the best story i've read. i cried. i laughed. i got angry. i felt as if i was actually living through chirstian, seeing what he saw. feeling the loss of annie and the anger and the pain. this book. story. this. this is one i'll never forget." "This is so realistic and beautiful and not clichè in one bit. You are an amazing writer with beautiful descriptions. This book made feel so much in the span of just under two days. Tears were shed, i couldn't put it down, it made me angry, happy, sad, it was just an over all bittersweet book." "This was tragically beautiful. Although I read the last chapter first. It's raw and full of...realness. It's a also of reailty that most books don't portray, it gives me a fresh feeling and I'm glad you wrote it."


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The Girl:...
by SpencerN1