You Are My Mystery...
By agent_april
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#1 in #sherlock #5 in #sherlock #83 in #fanfiction She finally moved out of her adopted house. See, being a sociopath, people tend to not like you. That also includes her birth parents. At the age of ten, she had the knowledge and comprehension of a intelligent high school graduate. Also, something that cannot be forgotten: Her first successfully solved murder. So when her parents discovered she wasn't the dream child they hoped for, they threw her in an orphanage where she was soon adopted into a wealthy, famous family that included a sweet couple, who also had two terrible daughters. How do nice parents like them managed to give birth to such dreadful children? Now, at the age of twenty-seven she finally moved out of her wealthy, famous, and may I add 'horrendous', family. She finally managed to gather enough money from them before she ran off. You could say they were almost glad she was gone. She would never keep quiet. She always knew their secrets, thoughts, and the way they did things so when she noticed something, she had to announce it. She moved to London, away from North America. Just moving to another state wasn't far enough away, so when she books a plane ticket to London she plans on never seeing them again. Then, on her first day in London she discovers there has been a murder. What happens when she bumps into a tall man just like her, and a prestigious Army Doctor whose willing to do anything at all to keep his best friend safe? COMPLETED __________ OFFICIAL (Crappy) TRAILER: +I don't own any characters except for Rachelle Baines and a few others+ ENJOY!

Chapter 00- ✔️

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You Are M...
by agent_april