Ice Queen Origins...
By AinsliePaton
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Rielle Mainline is a rock star, lead singer of Ice Queen, one of the world’s most successful bands. She’s about to embark on a twenty-five city global tour. She should be ecstatic. Instead, she’s more anxious about performing now than she was when she first started as a sixteen year old schoolgirl. All because the tour starts in Australia, which means she has to go back to Sydney. Rielle has spent her life trying to forget what happened in Sydney and nothing good can come from confronting the memories of that dark, wet night, that dangerous road and the death of their parents. She’s not the same girl who argued with her mother and caused her father to swerve and hit that truck. She doesn't even look like her anymore, so there’s no reason not to go back, except going back means facing the fact she’s been hiding her true self behind her stage personae for so long she’s forgotten how to behave when she’s not performing.

When She Finally Cried

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Ice Queen...
by AinsliePaton