Life of Ronan (GxG)
By mickymouse141097
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My left hand began to raise, the sun glinting off the bronze skin of my wrist, as my right fingertips gently drew back the string. The slimline bow I gripped grew taught. The bushes I crouched behind swayed rhythmically in the westerly breeze as I sat in position, patiently waiting; focused with intent on the target. A boy, of around eight years old kneeling alongside the lake edge, his shoulder length, sun bleached hair blowing softly in the wind. For a moment I almost felt a twinge of regret for what I was about to do. Almost. I gently adjusted my right hand and with a single, delicate, graceful gesture, let loose the steel tipped arrow from my clutches. Whistling through the air, it killed the boy instantly. Ronan spent her whole life training for one reason. To find and kill vampires, her discovery of a new coven seems like nothing out of the ordinary, until she meets Lily, the beautiful French girl who just might steal her heart.... literally. GxG- Don't like don't read.


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Life of R...
by mickymouse141097