The Street Fighting...
By SabahBacker
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Stop. Did you think that this was a story where there's an ugly nerd would everyone bullies but is actually secretly a street fighter and the world's best hacker? *snort* That is so wrong. Well, most of it. I'm more along the lines of popular, hot, sweet, but a beeyatch when I want to be. I'm rich, all boys are all over me, all girls envy and love me and I'm a growing celebrity. *snorts again* As if I wasn't already before, my dad's a billionaire. But you know not all the perks come with having fame. People are CONSTANTLY up your nose. Not to mention everyone seems to document the rivalry between me and my dad. Only privacy I get is at home. Or when I'm undercover. Remember the secret Streetfighter and world's best Hacker? Yep, that's me. I'm known as Deathbeat, both Street fighting name and Hacker. I've hacked into the highest secured places(I don't steal anything, geez, calm your bootie) that I'm known as the most dangerous hacker on earth. Now your wondering, why? I'm rich and don't need the money, and certainly have no need to hack. Simple. Beating people up and hacking is what I call fun. But apparently, not all good things stay that way. My life turns UpSiDe DoWn when two other hot billionaires fall for my attitude. Oh yeah, and when my father returns after years of neglect. Right and the fact that I end up joining an agency. (I WAS FORCED) Did I mention the strange dreams? Join in on my story and join in on my crazy story, won't you? Oh yeah, a little warning, HUGE plot twist in the end. Don't wanna read? Don't care, it's your loss. Amazing cover created by @amayadevine


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The Stree...
by SabahBacker