New Beginning
By Fierylight
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My heart hammered against my chest as I walked up the steps to the house. He's going to hate me...maybe he'll just say he's done with me. No, shut up Winter. Take a breath. Knocking on the door, I prayed he wasn't home. God how do I start?! Hey Sir, I'm sorry I left you in the middle of- My thought was interrupted when the door was opened and his cologne hit me. I looked at my hands knowing what has going to happen next. The breeze sent shivers down my spine, or was that the look he was giving me? "Mr.Kormack, I'm sorry-" I began but when he pulled me into the house and slammed the door, pressing me against it. His lips found my neck, sucking. I let out a moan instead. A smirk was on his lips. "Princess you left me in the middle of a crowd with no mate. I was embarrassed. You were very bad-naughty." He growled making me swallow hard and grip what material I could. "S-Sir I-" He growled and I stopped. "What happens to bad girls, Princess?" He asked kissing up my neck. "They get punished." I whimpered and he moved me so I faced the stairs. He slapped my ass hard, making a gasp and whimper come from my mouth. "That's not even the beginning. Now go wait." He growled with a smirk. ________________________________________________________________ This is a werewolf book with more than just this relationship. It does get intense, so it may not be for everyone. I'm trying to finish it up for everyone. I hope you enjoy, let me know what you think :)

Chapter 1

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New Begin...
by Fierylight