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By booksaboutlife
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Alex is a 16 year old girl that lives in a small village in the United states of America. Together with her best friend Tyler she faces challenges no normal teenager should ever face. "I knew I was different when I was little, I knew being a werewolf wasn't normal!" The code she made when she was little was to protect her town but that proves to be hard when your dad isn't supernatural and you don't where the hell your werewolf mother went. It also doesn't really help that when she finally makes friends at school they are forced to help Alex as one of them get's bitten by an unknown alpha. What makes matters even worse is that human friend Ben is absolutely terrified of Tyler and Tyler can not stand the sight of Ben. When things finally seem to go back to normal it all blows up in their face one more time, this time the explosion is so big people die and Alex is forced to kill. Will she be able to ever become a normal teenganger again, especially after meeting so many people and seeing so many of them die one by one in front of her eyes. Will she ever be able to get the image of killing out of her head. And will this all ever even stop?! Or is she going to have to be scared for her life for as long as she lives! (Hint: Romance is involved!) this boos has been a recently published book hence it has only a few reads

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Work of a...
by booksaboutlife