The Bad Boy Is My T...
By ILoveWriting35
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Cover credit: @yestiles This is my first story I wrote on Wattpad so it's not the best and there may be some grammar mistakes. Just remember when you read that this story is unedited. Brielle Kelly, the sweetheart of Bradley Lakes High, she is a eleventh grader, number one in her class, always receives A's on her tests, essays, and projects, until one night. One night she couldn't sleep, it had to be the night before a huge Chemistry test, with her receiving a failing grade her teacher suggested a tutor from the year above her with him being number one in his class, the one name she thought he would never say...Colton Pierce, the Bad Boy of Bradley Lakes. Colton Pierce, the bad boy of Bradley Lakes High, he is a twelfth grader, number one in his class, always aced every single paper, test, quiz he completed. No one knew about this of course that would just ruin his reputation, but what happens when he is told he has to tutor an eleventh grader? The girl that his teacher old him he never thought was possible... Brielle Kelly, the Sweetheart of Bradley Lakes. So what happens when the two are paired together? Will Colton tutor her about Chemistry for her next test, or will they find out that they are the ones with chemistry? Or will their past that they have together ruin it all? Find out in, "The Bad Boy Is My Tutor?"

Chapter One

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The Bad B...
by ILoveWriting35