Dark Legacy: The En...
By TheLegacyCycle
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Wattpad Story Rankings Dark Legacy: The End of the Kai || #1 || Science Fiction on April 28, 2019 Dark Legacy: The End of the Kai || #4 || Fantasy on June 5, 2019 The End of the Kai of the Dark Legacy Cycle details the violent end of the Kai Order - an ancient, spiritual guild of warrior guardians and priestesses who have sworn their lives to protect the Oracle Queen of Atlantis - at the hands of Maniok, the being referred to as the "Great Evil" in the age-old Song of the Oracle King. It is a chronicle of Arkan, the last Kai guardian, and his desperate attempt to save the life of his priestess who carries his unborn son, and his escape from Atlantis.

Dark Legacy: The End of the Kai & Book I - Trinity Copyright

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Dark Lega...
by TheLegacyCycle