The Darkest Seducti...
By MzzTrey
  • Paranormal
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  • hunters
  • mate
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*WARNING* SEXUAL CONTENTS " You're mine". He growled as he scraped his sharp teeth against my collar bone. I shivered and struggled against him but I was going nowhere. His body was pinning mine against the wall and I was way too small to push him off. " Don't fight it Annabelle." He said while panting in my ear. " I know you want me just as much as I want you, DON'T FIGHT IT". He yelled suddenly making me whimper slightly. " Get off of me". I said hoping he would listen. " Annabelle..." He looked at me with his deep hazel eyes. I melted in them as I realized that he was kissing me... ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Annabelle Wallis has been on the run for 2 years. Her entire family was killed by Hunters. They promised her that they would catch her and kill her someday. Now the only thing she could do was run. Little does she know, Annabelle was a rare creature. Not only that, her mate was a Vampire. Damien Knight was the oldest of his kind, and prince of all vampires. He had been longing for a mate for centuries until Annabelle came into his life. He knew Annabelle didnt want to trust anyone and he was determined to fully mark her as his. Nothing better than a little bit of seduction to solve his problem.


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