Never Let You Go by...
By DJBiancafrost
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DREA The first time Alexandrea "Drea" Rivas saw Luke, she was barely sixteen years old - but it didnt stop her from being mesmerized by the unfriendly yet handsome Hacienda Rivas's young agriculturist/ranch manager. She would always follow him around trying to get his attention only to hear and see him scowl at her - something unusual and confusing - for she is the Hacienda Rivas's princess. LUKE Every part of the Hacienda Rivas' is loved by Luke's father - Berting. He was specifically asked by his father to follow after his footsteps. Everything must be easy for Luke, for he is trained and prepared in this kind of job - until he laid his eyes on Senior Rivas's precious young daughter Drea - spirited, happy go lucky, a royal brat and infuriatingly too beautiful despite her young age. Drea is not in his league so he must take every possible measure not to get close with the hacienda's princess. It is that easy. OR SO HE THOUGHT.

Never Let You Go - Script Version

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Never Let...
by DJBiancafrost