Don't Blame Me - CO...
By Music_02
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"You wanna hear my bet?" Reece calls behind her. The short girl turns around, intrigue clearly painted on her face. Melody struts back with an intimidating stature: arms crossed and a smirk ghosting her countenance. She closes the proximity between them and raises an eyebrow. The silence in the air adds to the tension between the two teens. His gaze flickers back and forth between her small lips and her deep grey eyes. Her smirk becomes more noticeable as she watches him contemplate his next move, her eyes remain on his and bore into his bright orbs. Reece slightly hesitates but swiftly lowers his head to linger right over her lips. He desires a reaction from the small girl in front of him: some form of lust or wanting. When she refuses to bring their lips together or to even close her eyes as if expecting something, he mentally lets out a frustrated groan. She softly snickers at his response to her stubbornness and Reece closes the distance between the two. As he pulls away, he says cockily, "I bet that soon enough you will beg me to be your boyfriend because you just can't resist my charms." She scoffs. "As if. And if you beg me to be your girlfriend, then what?" ~*~ Melody Burns is not exactly the happiest teen in the world, but she manages to make it through each day without too many complaints. She tends to distract herself with music and dedicates herself to her friends and music rather than a relationship. Reece Morgan, one of her brother's close friends, doesn't intend to stress her out any more than she already is but finds her quite intriguing. Maybe it's her stunning smile when she completes a performance or multi-dimensional personality, but Reece is infatuated with her radiance. After all, who wouldn't be? This is kinda cliche but focuses more on Melody and her struggles than her relationship with Reece. WARNING: MATURE CONTENT Originally Started: 10|10|16 Rewriting Started: 12|01|19

Don't Blame Me

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Don't Bla...
by Music_02