My Plus One: The De...
By Bibambiii
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I woke up to noises of someone shuffling around my room. "Ashton, I promise I didn't take your tampons this time. Let a woman sleep" I mumbled as I pulled my duvet covers over me. The shuffling stopped and then there was silence. Ashton must have left. I cuddled closer to my covers and got ready to fall back to sleep. "I'm sorry Love, but Ashton left the apartment an hour ago." A deep voice commented. My eyes flew open and I quickly sat up on my bed. In front of me a tall, handsome man with familiar mischievous green eyes watched me from beside my dresser. I sat there in shock as I eyed the stranger across from me. He had black hair, sharp cheekbones, strong eyebrows, a lip piercing as well as an eyebrow piercing, and he had... is that my thong in his hand!? My eyes grew large as I sat there frozen. "By the way, thank you for helping me out last night. That wicked witch had really taken a toll on me. But thanks to you I got fixed right up." He winked at me as he went back to shuffling through my underwear draw. "I took home a stray dog last night" I mumbled to myself. My "flight or fight" response seemed to have created another response called "accept death". I've seen enough horror movies to see where this scenerio ends. The stranger continued to look at my panties, finding a bra he seemed to like and began inspecting it. "Ah yes. That 'dog' was me I guess you could say." He looked up at me and grinned at my obvious frozen state. "No screaming? Tsk. How boring of you". Highest Ranking: #20 in paranormal

Woof Woof. I'm not a dog

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My Plus O...
by Bibambiii