Saving My Heart (Za...
By HeartAcheCrasher
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Zane is the highpriest of O'khasis and his very well known.His older brother Garroth was killed when he was little leaving him a cold broken heart.One day his father Lord Garte ordered Zane to marry the daughter of the lords of Phoenix Drop,(Y/N). Zane refused, but his father had his ways to convice him.Will Zane finally find someone to fix the cold cracks left in his hearts? Or will everything just be for his fathers sake? (Y/N) was the proud daughter of Lord Aphmau and Lord Laurence of Phoenix Drop.(Y/N) has grown a hate for her mother ever since she ordered her best friend Travis to be executed without explination.Ever since that day (Y/N) wasnt allowed to leave the castle under her mothers rule and her hate grew grater.Laurence on the other hand had a strong bond with (Y/N) and she'll do whatever he asks her. (Y/N) grew sour and rotten only thinking of life as living hell.Will she finally find someone to light up her world? Or will she live in flames for the sake of her village?

~Certainly Not Reasonable~

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Saving My...
by HeartAcheCrasher