Silent Symphony
By shadowsleek
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Peace can't last forever when war is the law of man. For years, Eli's village was content to ignore the signs. ...the silence, the whispers, the cold... Then in one faithless hour, they were gone. With blood in his ears and Aldyth's hand tucked in his own, Eli runs. Away from his family, away from his home, and away from the soldiers of the East Cardinal, who rain terror down upon the Confederate cities. Unbeknownst to them, Taurus, an elven huntsman, tracks the train of the Easterners. He was a man looking to find himself, to hear beyond the screaming, misery, and death. And with a few well-shot arrows and a splash of elvish magic, the three's fates are tied, and Eli, Aldyth, and Taurus find themselves bound together as they venture on toward the mysterious North Cardinal. With each mile they cover, the tension builds. Eli's family is captured with chains chaffing their wrists. The East is growing and none can resist. Aldyth is changing; her eyes glow with blood. And elves can't be trusted, no matter what. And the only thing Eli can do about it is run as hard as he can toward the border of the North Cardinal, a task that many say is likened with death. //Trailer by @Tinkertaydust// //Copyright © 2016 by //Edited by @skygardens// //cover by @stardust24601//

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Silent Sy...
by shadowsleek