New Depths (boyxboy...
By AliceElizabeth321
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Atlas, the youngest child of the King and Queen of the Atlantic Ocean, has always been babied. He is loved by all and treasured by the ones closest to him. His beautiful looks and kind personality attracts all, including some with the wrong intentions. For this reason, the Sea King protects his youngest son the most. He never lets boys or men get too close and hates letting Atlas go out alone. However, if he had never given his child freedom, Atlas would never have met Daz, and his life would be a lot less complicated. Daz is an island boy. Or better known as an Islander. The Merpeople who start their own tribes and live away from the Kingdoms, where they abide by their own rules. They are taught to stay away from anyone from the Kingdoms and to always remain loyal to your own tribe first... no matter how alluring the merman. - This is the sequel to Marine Love but can also be a stand-alone book. There will be some scenes of a sexual nature so don't read if you don't like that sort of thing.

Chapter 1

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New Depth...
by AliceElizabeth321